Rebane's Discord Pin Compressor


This is a simple app that converts Discord pins to Discord messages, which is useful for example when you've reached the pin limit and wish to have more room for new pins.

How to use?

1. Restart your Discord client (important).
2. Press ctrl+shift+i to open up the DevTools.
3. Navigate to the "Network" tab.
4. In Discord, click on the pins button in your desired chat.
5. In DevTools, locate the entry that says "pins" in the Network tab.
    (type "pins" in the filter box at the top to help find it)
6. Right-click on the entry, then choose "Copy -> Copy Response".
7. Paste the data in the box down below.
8. Copy the generated messages below and send them on Discord.


This app does not send your pins to my server, everything happens in your own browser locally. If you want to be extra cautious however, you can download the source code from GitHub, look over it, and open the html file in your browser by itself.

paste data here

copy messages here

(enter the data above to generate messages)

This is an unofficial tool, it is not made or endorsed by Discord.