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I am Rebane, which is what they call a fox in Estonian! And I'm from Estonia! And I do like foxes!

I accept all the friend requests I receive, so send me a request if you want

I do play CS:GO, but only for fun, which means that I'm at Silver I and you shouldn't play with me unless you are willing to get downranked

Don't ask me to play CS:GO, unless I am a good friend of yours and even in that case, explain why you want to play and don't just blindly spam invites at me
(no, I won't play to fill up your fifth teammate)

No, I don't play Dota/LoL/H1Z1/Rust/DayZ or anything like that

I also do Game Development, for which you can join my Discord server at

In-game, I don't usually 100% anymore, if it's collecting stuff, but a great challenge I will take
(I've completed Clustertruck without abilities and a 4 minute Beat Hazard on the hardest, Suicidal difficulty, playing VVVVVV a lot)
Not even for the bragging rights, I just really enjoy hard games and the satisfaction of finally completing something
I don't like playing competitive games though

I collect Nintendo DS stuff, both games and consoles (I now have a capture card too )
I also do programming, motion graphics, sometimes some other cool stuff as well

Multiplayer games I might play with you:
Quake III
Mario Kart Wii (wiimmfi)
Mario Kart 7
Super Smash Bros 3DS

I'll only play with you if you're a good friend of mine, or a nice guy. I don't play with completely random people
If you see a game on my Steam you would like to play together, send me a message

Palun ärge saatke mulle sõnumeid, kus te ütlete et ma olen lahe või teile meeldis mingi minu videotest.
Mulle meeldib kuulda seda, kuid kahjuks tüütab see juba ära, kuna seda juhtub mitmeid kordi päevas.
Ning ei, ma arvatavasti ei mängi sinuga CS:GO-d

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