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Q: Where is Ron???
A: You probably started a new game in a slot which already had a save in it, please enable the Del Save feature
Q: The program takes a long time to load (about 5 seconds)
A: Welp, if that happens you probably can't read this. It happens when you don't have an internet connetion or my webserver is down. This rarely happens, but you can disable checking for updates if you want
Q: I scanned it on VirusTotal and it's a virus
A: It's actually not. Here is the scan for version 0.3, there is only one detection (by Qihoo-360, who has heard of them anyways) and it's completly invalid. Read more about why it happens here.
Edit: HP2GUI v4 comes out clean, HP2GUI versions 1 and 2 are detected by Invincea and Qihoo-360 as trojan.win32.dacic.a!rfn and HEUR/QVM03.0.0000.Malware.Gen. HP2GUI v3 is not detected by Qihoo-360 anymore, but it is detected by Invincea backdoor.msil.bladabindi.aj. HP2GUI v4 comes out clean and v5 gets detected by Qihoo-360 as HEUR/QVM03.0.0000.Malware.Gen again.
I promise I never have and NEVER will attempt to put any viruses, trojans and backdoors on your PC. Remember, it has never been detected as a virus by any of the more trustable and popular anti-viruses

What does this do?*points to a button*
Settings - Lets you set the following settings:
Level - Choose a map to start on. This feature takes all the maps from the maps folder and lists them (default:PrivetDr.unr)
Slot - Choose which saveslot to use (up to 100!)
Load Game - Choose whether to create a new game (off) or load a save (on)
Empty textbox - Enter additional launch options (optional)
Del save - Checking this will delete the saveslot when you start a new game. (default:on)
Gamestate selector - Select a GSTATE from 000 to 180, if left empty it will be left for the game to decide
Launch - Launches the game
FOV - Field Of View, changes how far or close the camera is to Harry, I like 120 the most (default:90)
Resolution - Change the resolution (try 16:9 aspect ratios and FULLHD)
Windowed - Is your game Windowed (default is off, but I recommend turning it on)
Debug Mode - Enable or Disable the debug mode
Rictucheckra - Rictucheckra gives you a warning if you are going to overwrite a save which has progressed past the Rictusempra challenge, preventing unwanted save overwrites
WLocation - You can make the HP2 window automatically go to a certain location. In the dialog that opens, you can set the X and Y of the HP2 Window. You also need to set the time in seconds. Using the "Set the thingy" button lets you position a fake window just like you would position the real HP2 window. Please note that the resolution of your game must match the one on the mainscreen (in most cases it does). Note: If you change the resolution, you need to click on the "Set the thingy" button again
Editor - If you have enabled an HP2 Editor in Settings, this button will launch it
Fast Profiles - Lets you load profiles faster
Profiles - You can use profiles like saves or backups or something. You can save a profile, and after that you can load the profile completely, or just HP2GUI settings, game.ini or user.ini
For an example you could create a profile for Speedrunning, FULLHD and the Demo version of the game and easily switch between them. Or backup your settings
Savepacks - Use the "Open" button to open a savepack, choose the save you want and hit "Load" to load and launch the save (download them here)

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If you would like to request a feature, submit a bug, donate or something, please email me.
Made for fellow hp2 players, especially Respirte